Lemmikkitarvike Taicatassu is a domestic and independent company in Suomussalmi, Kainuu.

You can visit our web-shop at address


We offer expert service and high-quality food and products for dogs and cats of all sizes, from puppies to seniors.

Food brands include Booster, ProBooster, Opti Life, Riverwood, PrimaDog, Carnilove, Royal Canin and Monster.

You can also found products from Rukka, Finnero, Brava, Trixie, Aluway, Kivalo, Foxyfur, Jämpti, among others.

Our raw food comes from MUSH.

Check out our selection and pick up your pet's favorites from our online store or come to the store to shop.

We also offer gift-cards.

Pickup is the only delivery option for frozen products.

We only deliver products domestically.

We do not deliver products to Åland or abroad.